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Cement AdditivesConcrete Admixtures

Concrete Admixtures with Water Reducing and Plasticising Effects.

Concrete Curing Materials

Blaine Concrete Curing Materials, fresh or hardened concrete used for curing convenient , single component, wax -based curing materials. These products , packaged and ready for use by spraying on newly laid concrete or mortar , or by roller surface is applied so as to create a thin layer .

Blaine Concrete Curing Materials, water impermeability of concrete increases . They form on the concrete surface with a film layer of water required during curing of the concrete in the concrete and keep for a long time . In this way, concrete , rapid water loss and protects against cracking accordingly .

Blaine Concrete Curing Materials, labor and time compared to other methods of curing savings. Does not contain solvents , flammable and / or are not flammable . Are odorless , easily used indoors . Not interact with concrete , concrete properties and do not affect the image . After completion of the concrete to cure for the concrete surface can be easily removed by water washing .

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